15 Cute Kawaii Anime Wolf Girl That are Swoon Worthy

Kawaii Anime Wolf Girl

One of the most appealing aspects of anime is that it’s filled with adorable stuffed kawaii anime wolf girl along with a variety of animals. Like cats, wolf, and humans. And allowing themselves to the desire of having the cutest aspects of our animal friends.

Apart from adorable felines and fox girls. There are also attractive wolf girls who have gorgeous tails and furry ears.

The kawaii anime wolf girl blends the wild and cute and everything else in their own unique way. If you’re not a fan of catgirls or even foxes. They could offer a cute yet active restraint on what you would certainly like to hear.

1. Eruruu

Eruruu - Kawaii Anime Wolf Girl
Eruruu: Utawarerumono

Anime Name: Utawarerumono

Eluru is the main character with the ears of wolves in this classic animated fantasy. She is the kind of person who is hard-working, active, gentle, and caring, adept at taking good care of people.

Eluru is the ideal heroine to be found in an epic adventure tale. Also, although her werewolf-like tendencies restricted her tail and ears.

However, her adorableness is evident. Particularly when the main character in the narrative, her adored man-Hakuoro, is taking care of her tail.

2. Ai ( Kawaii Anime Wolf Girl )

Ai - Kawaii Anime Wolf Girl
Ai: Dragon Crisis

Anime Name: Dragon Crisis

Ai nicknamed Love Age15, beautiful girls sporting a golden right eye, a silver left to look, and a stunning image. A mysterious thief that specializes in stealing precious objects. With the strength of wolves and humans animals.

Their tails and ears will expand when they are in the position to exert their power. The animal ears and tails are weak points and extremely sensitive.

I’m not worried about my appearance, and I’m not sure why people’s eyes are on me. He was a perfect representation of Ryuuji Kitsuki and skipped school to visit Ryuuji. The ability to determine the man-wolf’s posture is comparable with the eight-level Relic.

3. Millhiore Firianno Biscotti

Millhiore Firianno Biscotti
Millhiore Firianno Biscotti: Dog Days

Anime Name: Dog Days

Millhiore Firianno Biscotti’s name remains in Italian cookies. Biscotti is not her actual name, and her name actually means a thousand flowers. This is a different dog, and she’s adorable pink.

A princess that is loved by all people who love her. She is also the guardian of the Holy Sword, that’s a reference to the wolves. As a girl, she has the ability to manage herself when fighting, even while wearing armor. She is cute.

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4. Nozomu Ezomori

Nozomu Ezomori - Kawaii Cute Anime Wolf Girl
Nozomu Ezomori: Kanokon

Anime Name: Kanokon: The Girl Who Cried Fox

Nozomu Ezomori is a cute wolf spirit girl who conceals many things under her quiet and shy persona. He was deeply in love with Kota even though the two of them accused Chizuru of the horny monster.

Nozomu often tried to get into physical fights with Chizuru. Nozomu is also known to become a bit wild. While she shows up to be a male, the style of Nozomu is very sexually attractive. She prefers sleeping naked on the ground.

Possibly as a result of her wolf-like personality. It is also able to change into a wolf-like form at will. But except for the adorable ears and sexy tail, which look identical.

5. Yonaga ( Kawaii Cute Anime Wolf Girl )

Yonaga - Kawaii Cute Anime Wolf Girl
Yonaga: Luger Code 1951

Anime Name: Luger Code 1951

In the center of this list, we’ve Yonaga, the only genuine cute kawaii anime wolf girl in this list. In a mix of cuteness and ferocity, Yonaga presents it perfectly.

Yonaga is a character that deserves to be treated with care even although the werewolves of this world don’t entirely transform into wolves. Yonaga exudes a mystical and mysterious vibe. However, her hairy tail and ears are cute.

6. Lupusregina Beta

Lupusregina Beta - Kawaii Anime Wolf Girl
Lupusregina Beta: Overlord

Anime Name: Overlord

Lupusregina Beta is the sexiest part of the six Pleiadian stars maids. They are in charge of the final defense line in the great tomb of Nazarick. While in Ainz constantly along with other maids as well as Albedo, Lupu-chan is said to be highly attracted to her master.

She is very trustworthy and friendly. Lupus is even a bit of a girl; this is why she’s so lovely and also a helpful source in the eyes of Lord Ainz. Her ability to interact with people makes her a great spy, which is the reason she’s often asked to watch people.

In reality, he’s highly receptive to humans and is a fan of being with humans. This could be due to his wolf-like instinct. There are also wild emotions, which are evident whenever she makes an unintentional joke that makes her boss blush.

7. Luna Tsukuyomi

Luna Tsukuyomi - Kawaii Cute Anime Wolf Girl
Luna Tsukuyomi: Day Break Illusion

Anime Name: Day Break Illusion

Luna Tsukuyomi is the most popular cute kawaii anime wolf girl. Luna Tsukuyomi was fighting using the power connected with The Moon Tarot card. She gained a pair of powerful ears of wolves. But when she’s in the grip of jealousy.

Luna can be vulnerable to injury by those around her. She turns into an enraged werewolf “demon” intent on killing. For herself, the single most crucial thing that could have helped her overcome her fear of being jealous and bring her back to normal and that was friendship.

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8. Yuki

Yuki Wolf Children - Kawaii Anime Wolf Girl
Yuki: Wolf Children

Anime Name: Wolf Children

Hana, a college student, encountered a werewolf. They were in love. They gave two children to their siblings. The elder sister that birthed on a cold morning named Snow. And the brother, who was born on rainy days, called Rain.

You may think that a werewolf having a human woman could cause worry. However, I must say that Yuki is a half-human, partially-wolf girl, is adorable. Whether she is on four or two legs, one of her most sweet spots is her and her brother.

An animation effect that allows you to easily switch between the girl’s appearances as effectively as the wolf. This family-oriented film tells the tale of her younger brother’s development from childhood to adolescence. Yuki’s mother’s role in watching over and guarding the children.

9. Mashiro Mito

Mashiro Mito - Kawaii Anime Wolf Girl
Mashiro Mito: Tayutama Kiss on My Deity

Anime Name: Tayutama: Kiss on My Deity

Apart from Mashiro Mito’s large mole eyes and wolf-like fluffy, her ears and tails of wolves are also part of the dress. What is it that makes her so adorable? Apart from the fact that she would like humans to be peaceful with Taicang.

Mashiro Mito is also deeply in love with the character Izumi Yuri. She even declares that she is his spouse. Although she is a patient and upbeat personality, it can be a nightmare when she is angry.

10. Liru

Liru - Kawaii Cute Anime Wolf Girl
Liru: Renkin San-kyuu Magical

Anime Name: Renkin San-kyuu Magical? Pokaan

Liru is among the kawaii cute anime wolf girl we really love. Her sexy wolf ears and furry wolf tails are just like the cats we love so much. Additionally, her bikini top is exceptionally sexy. Which perfectly compliments her cute and attractive appearance.

Naturally, Liru can be more than just a gorgeous werewolf. He could also be the most adorable puppy. When she is near an object with a full moon, she transforms into the cutest and naughtiest golden Wolf cub. It is, of course, the ultimate dream for any teenager.

11. Holo ( Kawaii Cute Anime Wolf Girl )

Holo - Kawaii Cute Anime Wolf Girl
Holo: Ookami to Koushinryou

Anime Name: Ookami to Koushinryou

Her character Holo is among the top well-known beast girl. Her charming face and beautiful girly appearance. She wears the ears of a wolf and a whitetail in the front and white legs. She is definitely our most favorite wolf girl—the ultimate in all.

The mythical God of the Wolf with a massive body dwells in the wheat fields and is believed to be The Sage Wolf. For an extended period, he guarded the village and was in charge of harvesting these wheat fields.

Maybe the real God is similar to Holo, who was strong and intelligent at first. But then, in the next moment, he seemed vulnerable or awkward like an infant. In the movie Wolf and Spice, she informs the audience the wolf’s ears are adorable.

12. Zakuro Fujiwara

Zakuro Fujiwara - Kawaii Anime Wolf Girl
Zakuro Fujiwara: Tokyo Mew Mew

Anime Name: Tokyo Mew Mew

In this enchanting girl anime, Zakuro Fujiwara plays the fifth character in Tokyo meow meow. Her DNA is mysteriously mixed with that of the gray wolf.

In the fight, it’s an adorable pair of purple wolf ears, a wolf tail as well as the fierceness of the wolf. They can consider her to become a dark horse in those in this particular group. However, she can’t resist being adorable, especially with her wavy ears.

13. Riza Wildman

Riza Wildman - Cute Anime Wolf Girl
Riza Wildman: Princess Resurrection

Anime Name: Princess Resurrection

Riza has a dual werewolf as her father was a werewolf, while her mother is human. So, even though she’s even more powerful than regular human beings.

Riza Wildman doesn’t possess the power or physical strength of pure werewolves. Additionally, it comes with those vast, hairy claws which could be used against any person.

The best kawaii anime wolf girl Riza is highly adventurous and has sharp canine instincts. He loves to take on battle head-on and is never afraid to fight. He also loves the thrill of driving in fast cars. The name isn’t Whiteman for nothing.

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14. Minna-Dietlinde Wilcke

Minna Dietlinde Wilcke - Cute Kawaii Anime Wolf Girl
Minna Dietlinde Wilcke: Strike Witches

Anime Name: Strike Witches

The Werewolf aspect of Minna Dietlinde can only come out during the battle. Before entering battle, her ears and tails will be growing out as a veteran from the 5th Joint Fighter Wing and the famous Ace of Spades.

Minna is a wolf-like girl with furry ears. She also is adorable when she holds guns.

15. Inukai ( Kawaii Anime Wolf Girl )

Inukai Flying Witch - Kawaii Anime Wolf Girl
Inukai: Flying Witch

Anime Name: Flying Witch

The dogs are descendants of wolves. Therefore, we’ll deceive ourselves and include her in this list. Inuka is an animal during the day and a human in the evening.

This kawaii anime wolf girl ate a bar of magical chocolate by accident. For animators also though she appears like the dog breed. She’s able to have the ability to express herself in a very humane manner which is admirable.


There are various kinds of kawaii anime wolf girls in anime. They are primarily humans with wolf-like characteristics: charming, fun, and gentle.

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