Top 28 Best Beautiful Anime Fox Girl List

Yukikaze Panettone Fox Girl Anime

We have compiled a list of female cute anime fox girls. Or cute anime kitsune girls anime that will ease your craving for them. If you haven’t done your homework by now, the Japanese word “kitsune” means fox.

Throughout Japanese folklore, kawaii cute foxes are shown to be wise. They live on for many generations. At the same time, they were wielding powers. That proves them to be pretty formidable beings. However, some deities in anime girl kitsune do not have a gender.

You can find depictions of Kitsune in anime as “Kemonomimi,” meaning “animal ears.” They contain characters shown as beautiful fox girls (bishojo). or Kitsune, depicted as handsome men (bishonen).

Are you ready to be overwhelmed by cuteness and forced to make a new waifu decision? I hope you are because you will need to brace yourself with this list.

1. Bonbori & Hozuki From Otome Youkai Zakuro

Bonbori and Hozuki

Both these cute anime girl kitsune roll together as one and can often be found together. Clinging to someone, they find exciting or someone they seem to have a fondness for.

Bonbori and Hozuki are twin sisters who are always dressed the same. And tend not to listen to anyone but their own opinions and ideas.

Beautiful yet very childish twins enjoy playing games like hiding and seek. And like to cause trouble among people by pretending to be one another.

2. Tamamo – Anime Fox Girl From Fate/Grand Order


Contrary to the belief that all fox/kitsune girls need to be cute. Tamamo is a very mature and voluptuous fox that can seduce any man with her seductiveness. The all-powerful Tamamo-no-Mae and the hot springs hotel manager.

Tamamo Yu blends in as a human with her black yukata and beautiful appearance. On occasion, or when her hot springs hotel business in the mountains isn’t doing well.

You can find her at the beach, working at the restaurant Tamamo Ya, a cute fox girl anime.

3. Susu Tushan From Huyao Xiao Hongniang

Susu Tushan From Huyao Xiao Hongniang

Tushan Susu is the main female character in the series. She is a fox, and Bai Yuechu Daoist is her true love.

She often travels with Bai and is often surprised by Bai’s ability to teach her. Susu always has a variety of candies and lollipops on her. They used to make Bai Yuechu pay. Her willpower is extremely low.

4. Kon From Inari Kon Kon

Kon From Inari Kon Kon

Kon might look like a dog from the outside, but she is a familiar fox. Her foxtail is still attached to her ears, and she can transform into a human.

Although it is possible for a familiar Fox to transform into a human. Kon is not an expert on this subject.

It is important to remember that she shares many similarities with Inari. In terms of her features, Inari saved them both.

5. Haruhime Sanjouno From DanMachi

Haruhime Sanjouno From Danmachi

Haruhime is a sexy anime fox girl, with long blonde hair, fox ears, and red kimono. She is also a shy, kind, gentle, polite, and kind girl.

She was raised as a young, dignified woman of noble blood. Someone set him up, and, short story: he was in a brothel.

Bell Cranel’s efforts led to Haruhime. She was following Bell and becoming part of the Hestia Familia.

6. Zakuro – Kitsune Girl From Otome Youkai Zakuro

Zakuro From Otome Youkai Zakuro

An erratic and bold half-demon girl, Zakuro, is the type to protect what means most to her. That includes her friends. She has some impressive fighting skills. She was wielding a cherry blossom tree branch that could turn into a dagger and be used for battle.

Even though she is quite a fighter and was born into a family. She has yet to control the divine power that she has in her arsenal, with her powers out of control. And she was relying on her impressive fighting skills alone.

Zakuro aided by her companions, Susukihotaru, Hozuki. And Bonbori, to assist her in battle.

7. Yozora From Sewayaki Kitsune No Senko San

Yozora From Sewayaki Kitsune No Senko San

She is the leader and protector of the Kitsune. Shiro and Senko are responsible for sending Shiro. And Shiro to Kuruto Nakano’s protection.

So that his negativity can disappear and be replaced by positivity. She is also a minor character in anime, but you will see her anime.

8. Hishamaru From Tokyo Ravens

Hishamaru From Tokyo Ravens

There is also Hishamaru, or more commonly Kon. This one character is a spirit- or kitsune-shaped shikigami. She was wearing an imperial Heian-era attire with a hakama at his bottom when he first appeared.

His appearance suggests that he has a childlike disposition. He can be very mature in Hishamaru form.

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9. Miko From No Game No Life

Miko From No Game No Life

Miko is an orange-coloured, bespectacled kitsune who represents the Beastmen.

She didn’t initially help, and he didn’t trust the Sora brothers or Shiro. But thanks to a truce, he later allies himself with them and assists them at all times. Instead, she sends Ino and Izuna, her assistants.

To teach them how to play chess against the weakest of their rivals.

10. Kon From Tokyo Ravens

Kon From Tokyo Ravens

This Kitsune is in the top ten because she has two personalities: Hishamaru Kon.

Hishamaru’s version of her is more severe and open-minded than a waifu. But she behaves like a loli in Kon’s version.

She is a loli in Kon’s form with a silver tail and purple tones. She has a white outfit with a pink bow. This waifu-loli is so beautiful. She is a loli I love very much.

11. Chizuru Minamoto From Kanokon: The Girl Who Cried, Fox

Chizuru Minamoto

Although she may look like an ordinary high school anime girl with fox ears. Chizuru Minamoto is a 400-year-old blonde kitsune spirit.

She is living in the human world to attract the attention of Kouta. With the capability of turning into her kitsune form.

Chizuru can transform into a human by day and become an all-powerful kitsune by nightfall. Her abilities include, but are not limited to.

Releasing blue flames that her kitsune form allows her to control and use fusion with Kouta. Giving her the means to set free her 5-tailed kitsune power.

12.Holo From Ookami to Koushinryou

Holo From Ookami to Koushinryou

Holo is the god of the harvest, fox, who has been bound to Pasloe. By a promise for many centuries and ensures that the city receives a plentiful harvest of wheat.

However, the townspeople became more independent, and Holo became neglected. Holo is also a beautiful teenage girl.

13. Yukikaze Panettone From Dog Days

Yukikaze Panettone Fox Girl Anime

The Biscotti Knights Secret Squad’s pride is that Yukikaze Panettone’s cute blonde fox girl is a formidable member. Who looks to her comrades as a family.

Her respect goes out to the one she looks up to the most: Brioche, who she addresses with respect. With the ability to wield daggers, bows, and shuriken.

Yukikaze uses her quick movements to take down her enemies. And can stop even the strongest enemies in their tracks.

14. Mashiro Mito From Tayutama – Kiss on my Deity

Mashiro Mito

I am so happy this kitsune girl is here. She is in love and can’t seem to acknowledge her love for Yuri Mito. Although she is shy and finds it challenging to communicate with people, she has a great heart.

Mashiro is also the goddess Kikuramikami No Hime. She wishes for an aura that promotes kindness between Tayutai and humans.

This waifu is pure affection: She is true love. I love her for her unique way of being and her super kawaii way of acting.

15. Koto – Tanuki Anime Girl From Yu yu Hakusho

Koto Yu yu Hakusho fox girl

Koto is a girl whose love for brutal battles knows no bounds. She is a cheerful and strong-willed girl. Who enjoys the sight of seeing fighters bloody, battered.

Koto is an anime girl with fox ears. And she was engaged in vicious assaults on each other throughout the Dark Tournament. Though a hard worker and a girl who enjoys her job.

She works for villains that run the tournament from behind the scenes.

16. Kunou From High School DxD Hero

Kunou From High School DxD Hero

It shouldn’t be a surprise that High School DxD has a Kitsune girl. Kunou, unlike other fox girls, is a nine-tailed Fox, which is an amazing feat.

She is an elementary school student with shiny, golden hair. Kunou wears a Miko outfit with a star-shaped haori.

This anime fox girl is the daughter of the Kyoto ruler and knows how to act like a princess. She is mature enough to take on the responsibilities and protect her family’s name.

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17. Tamamo no Mae From Omamori Himari

Tamamo no Mae From Omamori Himari

Tamamo is one of Japan’s three great demons. She is a kitsune and plays the role of the main antagonist in Omamori Himari.

Although she looks like an 8-10-year-old loli, she has blonde hair. This character is a beautiful anti-heroine.

Tamamo is also in love with Yuto Amakawa, the male lead of the anime. He is her great love interest.

18. Susukihotaru From Otome Youkai Zakuro

Susukihotaru Otome

19. Susukihotaru, a half-demon worker for the Ministry of Spirit Affairs. She is an adorable sexy anime fox girl who refrains from making eye contact with humans. Her ability to feel people’s emotions or anything.

She touches her, a unique half-demon and half-spirit girl. Once she partnered up with Riken, she opened up more to everyone.

This anime fox girl was not as afraid of humans as she once was.

19. Tsumiki Miniwa From Acchi Kocchi

Tsumiki Miniwa From Acchi Kocchi

Tsumiki, a small girl who is attracted to Io and is delicate in appearance, is called Tsumiki.

She has a Tsundere attitude. She is sharp and sarcastic outside but is affectionate inside.

Tsumiki can develop fox ears if she rubs her forehead on something she likes. Or Tsumiki notices something that she likes.

Tsumiki is incredibly powerful, considering her size. When she exerts a lot of force, she emits purple energy (for comic effect). Tsumiki also has extensive experience with arcade games.

20. Dakki (Kitsune Anime Girl) From Senkaiden Houshin Engi

Dakki Senkaiden Houshin Engi

In a universe predicated on Chinese mythology, Dakki acts as the main villain.

She represents being an evil kitsune siren using the emperor. Such as, for instance, a puppet of him to see her sinister objectives of total control to fruition.

At the same time, she calls the shots from behind the scenes, manipulating. She’s as powerful as she is gorgeous and utilizes every means of workable to her advantage.

Foxes aren’t constantly benevolent in anime. Dakki is a cruel foe and a little sadistic, taking great pleasure in the suffering of others.

This sexy anime fox girl woman is not a demon but an ancient one. And time has made her a very competent foe that is formidable. She can choose to take the bodies of female people to occupy. Instead of showing her actual, effective kitsune type.

21. Yuzu From Konohana Kitan

Yuzu From Konohana Kitan

Yuzu is an adorable kitsune. She is a sweet and innocent kitsune who works hard every day of her life.

She is average in height and often wears a kimono. Yuzu is extremely healthy in every way. While living in the country, she cares deeply about all those around her.

She uses the Bikuni knowledge to help others when they need it. Yuzu is like a fox and loves to read different books.

22. Kon From Kemono Jihen

Kon From Kemono Jihen

Kon is a young Kitsune who used to work at Yoko Inari. Her blonde hair tucked in two ponytails, and her eyes are a brilliant blue.

Kon is the center of attention because of his elegant appearance. A hoodie and a pair of gloves without fingers are her usual attire.

Except for Inari, Kon rarely displays any emotion. Kon is furious when someone insults him. She is very kind and has a clean heart. Inari does not show any interest in her.

23. Shiro From Sewayaki Kitsune no Senko-san

Shiro The Helpful Fox Senku-san

Shiro is an anime white fox girl or anime kitsune girl with white hair with long locks. They have white-silver ears and end, besides red eyes.

She also sports two red stripes on both of her cheeks. Shiro wears an extended gown that is white.

A half-moon using one part gives away her legs, black hose, and shoulder-length gloves. She has a red scarf that is ribbon-like around her back.

Shiro also has a black neck, having a red gem hanging from this. Shiro is arrogant whenever she is first introduced.

Shiro is arrogant whenever she is first introduced. Believing that Kuroto must be her worship and servant Kitsunes.

She’s usually a lot more unpredictable and energetic than Senko. Shiro, a white-haired kitsune, later becomes friends with Kuroto and Senko.

Shiro is initially sent to assist Senko with Kuroto. She was seen as having his ‘darkness.’ She later becomes Yasuko’s roomie.

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24. Yoko – Kitsune Girl From Inukami!

Yoko Inukami

Yoko is an Inukami that is problematic and is genuinely a sexy kitsune into the anime. Inukami is a spirit dog.

No demon tamer has tamed her, except Keita. But, her solution to the tamer could be the total results of determining to provide him.

Yoko has two abilities that can be primary. The first is Jaen, where she shoots a strand that is coiling away from her fingertips.

There’s also dai-Jaen, which is a more significant, more effective variation that is effective. The power is 2nd Shukichi, an ability that allows her to teleport objects.

This woman is terrified of normal dogs. However, she is generally speaking fearlessly when confronted with wicked spirits.

During a getaway from Hake, she came across little Keita, who was with her. Which became one of her favorite things along with her for three days, and she shared his chocolate cake.

For this reason, she desired to be Keita’s Inukami to produce an agreement with him. Yoko has emotions for Keita, and she gets enraged whenever he flirts along with other girls.

25. Sakura Bokuseiinmonzeninari From Hyper Police

Sakura Bokuseiinmonzeninari

Sakura is short of having nine tails and must eat a kitsune soul that is effective to become complete.

She looks like a teenager. This is pretty, but Kitsune is incomplete to the Hyper Police Company. Within the hopes of eating Natsuki.

Sakura has violet hair that is long perky fox ears. Her tails, which can be incomplete, are the result of her being half fox and half-human.

Being a skilled fox, Sakura can travel by having a little bit of electrical energy. Irrespective of these capabilities. This law enforcer kitsune anime girl has a great settlement.

Sakura is designed for cash with utmost care and can win a successful swap. Later into the anime, she becomes a spouse with three kids. Beautiful and sexy, this beautiful lady is a good and skilled marksman.

26. Kuugen Tenko From Wagaya no Oinari-Sama

Kuugen Tenko

Kuugen is a kawaii cute fox deity that used to become the Guardian of the Mizuchi family. She sealed away with a Water Priest owing to her naughty behavior.

Kuugen was freed by Noboru when a demon had targeted her and currently is their Guardian. She becomes a man or woman at any time.

But utilizes the pronoun ore to refer to herself, which males in Japan can use. Though into the past, females did make use of the pronoun also.

Kuugen attracts a fair bit of attention. Her blonde hair, blue eyes, and fox ears have become included in a hat. They are without a cap whenever out in public areas, though she can also hide.

27. Lily The Fox Mechanic From Lost Pause

Lily the Fox Mechanic

Lily was one-half of the two sprites fox girl anime delivered by Winged Cloud. She is a cute anime fox girl. Lily quickly grew inside the community, becoming the biggest icon in the fanbase.

Inside the first few months, there was over a huge selection of renditions of Lily. That was drawn by the fans, not to mention the renditions of Lily. That edits her original sprite, which displays different feelings, stances.

Noble built lore of types around Lily. On many occasions, he goes live, and she both edits videos and tends to his Twitch behind the scenes.

28. Senko From Sewayaki Kitsune no Senko-san

Senko The Helpful Fox Senko-san

Senko can be an 800-year-old kawaii cute fox girl anime. She delivered through the natural world. To reduce Kuroto from his overburdened and frustrating life.

This kitsune anime girl goes far above Kuroto. Such as pampering his cleaning and cooking their house.

Senko moves into Kuroto’s home and acts like a helpful mom’s spouse. Senko wants to pamper Kuroto, such as cleansing him. Therapeutic massage, grooming, and offering him lap pillows to ensure he gets to rest.

She gets unhappy if Kuroto prioritizes his health. To her dismay, Kuroto seems to have a fixation on her soft end that is fluffy ears.


Kitsune is a Japanese term for a supernatural fox that can transform into humans. With the introduction of Kitsune Girls, this concept was already present in anime.

They are often the main characters of stories and the basis for the plot. We’ll be looking at the top 10 anime-fox girls who have made it in this niche.

Kitsune girls or girls called “yokai” are often referred to as “apparitions”. They are worshiped in Japan by many who regard them as gods and even pray to them.

These historical figures are presented in anime as beautiful girls with fluffy ears, tails, and fluffy tails. They aren’t just cameos in anime. Many other concepts allow the anime to show humans as foxes. Fiction can do almost anything.

A Kitsune is a Japanese deity (yokai). Which is human-like and fox-like, greets all visitors with warmth. Japanese tradition states that the Kitsune has 9 tails. Reach with a different color depending on which Kitsune it’s.

It can be either male or female, depending on its gender. They said to teleport and move through walls as quickly as ghosts. They can use will-o-the-wisp like they don’t burn their hands.

Above are the best anime fox girls of all time. Many Kitsune has been featured in manga and anime throughout our lives. This has fascinated us as otakus who read their stories and watch their series.

You can share your kitsune girl experiences with others by commenting on this blog.

Comment your favorite sexy fox girl anime name or character.

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